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07:33 <CoderForLife> Hopefully solved the endless Windows Update reboot loop

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09:49 <CoderForLife> I had to separately download the latest Windows 10 update, and install it

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10:45 <mrtrousers> Hello

10:46 <mrtrousers> Need help setting up boinc in ubuntu

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17:10 <mrtrousers> Hei, your stuff dosent work

17:10 <mrtrousers> YOu say Boinc works with ubuntu, it doesent

17:13 <efc> moo

17:13 <CoderForLife> I have BOINC running on Ubuntu

17:14 <mrtrousers> OK. Can you help?

17:14 <nicolas17> "doesn't work" is not a problem description

17:14 <mrtrousers> If i install from apt-get install, the boinc manager fails

17:15 <nicolas17> how are you starting it?

17:15 <mrtrousers> If I install from Berkeley download, i lack  libwx_gtk2u_html-2.8

17:15 <mrtrousers> Wen i tried from the apt-get, i went into applications, typed boinc, and clicked the boinc manager icon

17:16 <CoderForLife> I installed it from the Ubuntu Software Center.  Running version 7.2.42 of BOINC Manager

17:16 <nicolas17> that should work

17:16 <mrtrousers> you have ubuntu 16.04?

17:17 <CoderForLife> Good point - it's still runing 14.04

17:17 <mrtrousers> I need help getting  libwx_gtk2u_html-2.8

17:17 <mrtrousers> Its driving me nuts

17:18 <nicolas17> you still haven't said what problem you have with the version from apt-get

17:18 <mrtrousers> Ok, functionality seems to be different.

17:18 <CoderForLife> dinner time here - bbiab

17:18 <efc> apt is more likely to get the dependencies right

17:19 <mrtrousers> Boinc manager freezes. Opens many instances, the computer works like playing high end game but never shows progres.

17:19 <mrtrousers> It just dosent work.

17:21 <mrtrousers> when you install from apt, where does the BOINC folder go?

17:21 <nicolas17> /var/lib/boinc or something like that

17:21 <nicolas17> and the client runs under its own user account

17:23 <mrtrousers> ye it goes to /var/lib/boinc-client

17:23 <nicolas17> ok

17:23 <mrtrousers> the boinc-manager for ubuntu sucks

17:23 <nicolas17> try this from a console

17:23 <nicolas17> cd /var/lib/boinc-client; boincmgr

17:24 <mrtrousers> Buggy, it freezes and doesent have same functionality

17:24 <mrtrousers> IM trying to fix it but so far i cant

17:26 <efc> anything helpful in the event log? from the GUI if its working well enough, or its in a text file somewhere.

17:30 <efc> i have to get my sparcstation back going.. almost had boinc/seti compiled and ready to go, then the scsi scontroller went tango-uniform

17:31 <CoderForLife> I always did like tangos

17:46 <mrtrousers> So.. When will BOINC ubuntu be fixed?

17:50 <mrtrousers> Ok. There needs to be a tutorial or something.

17:50 <mrtrousers> Lets see your download in berkeley page lacks dependency libwxgtk2.8

17:51 <mrtrousers> There are ubuntu packages

17:51 <Romulus> Title: Xenial (16.04) : boinc package : Ubuntu (at

17:51 <mrtrousers> but it doesent explain how to install

17:53 <mrtrousers> Can someone explain how to install this:

17:53 <mrtrousers>

17:53 <Romulus> Title: 7.6.31+dfsg-6ubuntu1 : boinc package : Ubuntu (at

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18:39 <mrtrousers> BOINC package for ubuntu broken

18:40 <nicolas17> "our" download?

18:40 <nicolas17> I don't think any BOINC developer is in this channel

18:40 <mrtrousers> Thats what it lacks:

18:40 <mrtrousers> without that it doesent work

18:41 <mrtrousers> And regarding the ubuntu package from universe, boinc manager freezes if you close and open again.

18:41 <nicolas17> maybe you could file a bug on launchpad

18:42 <mrtrousers> well this is the boinc place isnt it?

18:42 <nicolas17> it's not official though

18:42 <nicolas17> I don't think any BOINC developer is in this channel

18:42 <mrtrousers> sorry , im just very upset

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19:03 <mrtrousers> cuz boinc in ubuntu sucks

19:34 <CoderForLife> I run BOINC in Ubuntu because that dual core machine stays on all the time, and I give it something to do

19:35 <nicolas17> I have been a bit away from BOINC for a while

19:35 <nicolas17> what project would survive in a 512MB-RAM machine that has pretty much nothing else running?

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19:37 <mrtrousers> CoderForLife

19:37 <mrtrousers> what version of ubuntu?

19:40 <mrtrousers> @CoderForLife what version of ubuntu?

19:45 <CoderForLife> As I said before 14.04

19:46 <nicolas17> CoderForLife: what project would fit a single-core 512MB-RAM machine?

19:47 <CoderForLife> what processor type?

19:47 <nicolas17> oh it's a beefy Xeon; I just have access to only one of its cores :)

19:48 <CoderForLife> My little box is a quad core Pentium N3520 @ 2.1 GHz

19:48 <nicolas17> Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630L v2 @ 2.40GHz

19:48 <CoderForLife> ABout the only project I found that I normally do was SETI

19:48 <nicolas17> it's the cheapest VM in DigitalOcean, I use it for low-load things so it could very well run BOINC in the background

19:49 <nicolas17> quad core means 4x the RAM requirements, so being single core actually expands the range of what I could run

19:49 <nicolas17> where was that nice little table of project reqs...

19:49 <CoderForLife> top says I'm running setiathome on all 4 cores

19:52 <nicolas17>

19:52 <Romulus> Title: BOINC FAQ Service (at

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20:13 <nicolas17> CoderForLife: I attached to E@H, it was really confusing why nothing was running

20:13 <nicolas17> turns out it was configured to use at most 40% RAM

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21:00 <mrtrousers> fix your buggy software

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21:08 <CoderForLife> I'll let them know your concerns

21:08 <nicolas17> I am fixing my buggy software

21:08 <nicolas17> (it's not BOINC)

21:09 <CoderForLife> I just suffer through other people's bugs now

21:09 <nicolas17> I'm gravitating towards devops lately

21:09 <CoderForLife> good for you

21:10 <CoderForLife> Been working all day on management stuffs - GN

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21:26 <mrtrousers> Fix boinc

21:26 <nicolas17> there are no boinc developers here

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21:26 <mrtrousers> they are busy not fixing Boinc, lol

21:27 <nicolas17> they don't come on IRC

21:29 <CoderForLife> GN all

21:46 <mrtrousers> i got the deb package and installed..

21:46 <mrtrousers> error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

21:46 <mrtrousers> Help!

21:46 <Romulus> Title: Ubuntu – Package Download Selection -- libwxgtk2.8-0_2.8.12.1-6ubuntu2_amd64.deb (at

21:47 <nicolas17> probably your version of Ubuntu doesn't have wxWidgets 2.8 anymore

21:47 <mrtrousers> i installed the package

21:47 <Romulus> Title: Ubuntu – Package Download Selection -- libwxgtk2.8-0_2.8.12.1-6ubuntu2_amd64.deb (at

21:47 <nicolas17> are you on Ubuntu Precise?

21:48 <mrtrousers> xenial

21:49 <nicolas17> then you did the equivalent of voiding your warranty (not like there was a warranty to begin with) by mixing versions like that, I have no idea in what state your system may be now

21:49 <mrtrousers> well not worse than before.

21:49 <nicolas17> but that package should have installed

21:49 <mrtrousers> THe problem is boinc and ubuntu, not doing what they say they do

21:50 <mrtrousers> still not working though

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