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01:36 <scoobot> hi, I would like to ask where I can report an issue on the boincstats website? or is it even possible to contribute?

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13:38 <Romulus> New news from boinc: Welcome Xansons4COD ~~ BOINC Monitor 9.70 released ~~ NSF funds new model for BOINC

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14:34 <Peppernrino> hey guys, so one of our idiot osp has told everybody to basically DDOS all of the BOINC servers.

14:34 <Peppernrino> what sort of mitigation is in place for such an event, if any?

14:34 <Peppernrino> cloudflare is free...

14:35 <Peppernrino> *ops

14:36 <nicolas17> ?

14:36 <nicolas17> why would they do that?

14:36 <Peppernrino> because he's bitter about some drama in our channel.

14:36 <Peppernrino> i apologize fo rhim, because he probably won't.

14:37 <nicolas17> what does "all of the BOINC servers" even mean?

14:37 <nicolas17> all projects? there's a bunch of those...

14:37 <Peppernrino> at least the ones on boincstats

14:37 <Peppernrino> i'm from gridcoin btw. so i'm not being coy.

14:38 <nicolas17> sometimes I wonder if gridcoin was a net gain for boinc

14:38 <Peppernrino> he's presumably upset about how rich some of our early adopters are... and has kinda gone rogue.

14:38 <Peppernrino> it will be.

14:38 <Peppernrino> i'm actually a BOINC project as we speak

14:38 <Peppernrino> i'm actually developing a BOINC project as we speak

14:38 <Peppernrino> *

14:38 <Peppernrino> lol

14:38 <Peppernrino> im not a project.

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14:39 <nicolas17> not sure, I'll have to run a turing test on you to be sure

14:39 <Peppernrino> we've been brainstorming ideas on how to fix it. but really the only real way is for the site devs to tighten up a bit... :(

14:39 <Peppernrino> i edit the podcasts and stuff. i'm the guy that sounds like a big stoner

14:39 <Peppernrino> one of them...

14:40 <nicolas17> I haven't listened to any boinc podcasts :P

14:40 <Peppernrino> gridcoin

14:40 <Peppernrino> we have also interviewed a few of the boinc admins

14:40 <Peppernrino> it's been pretty awesome

14:40 <Peppernrino> jsut you know... frought.

14:41 <Peppernrino> it's not like everything has been very "amicable"...hehe.... we're looking at removing the team requirement for the wallet, so all the team-poaching blah and stuff can stop, and everyone can start earning. :)

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14:43 <Erkan_Yilmaz> it's about this post:

14:44 <delords> uhm!

14:46 <nicolas17> heh, drugdiscovery

14:47 <Erkan_Yilmaz> and as mentioned:

14:47 <Erkan_Yilmaz> <Erkan_Yilmaz> I am doing a risk analysis Rino, if I'd have evil intentions, I'd have DDOS myself or made an anonymous account and called for the HOLY DDOS war which would be very profitable

14:47 <Erkan_Yilmaz> <Erkan_Yilmaz> it is something already known

14:47 <Erkan_Yilmaz> Erkan_Yilmaz> not something new

14:47 <Erkan_Yilmaz> Erkan_Yilmaz> and known since loooooooooooooong

14:48 <Peppernrino> he somehoe omitted the sensible talking i threw in between. sorry about all of this.

14:48 <Peppernrino> at least this channel is exciting for once. :P

14:49 <nicolas17> how is this risk analysis any different than from any other database-powered website?

14:50 <nicolas17> ah finally found that email

14:51 <nicolas17> last year someone from drugdiscovery emailed me

14:51 <nicolas17> "Do you have experience with BOINC server setup? We are looking for someone, who can help us with our DrugDiscovery@home project."

14:51 <nicolas17> turns out he wasn't looking to hire someone

14:51 <nicolas17> "I was expecting to find co-founder for share of the company without salary as it is normal for startup."

14:55 <Peppernrino> those people were frigging scam artists anyway... jesus christ.

14:55 <Peppernrino> lol

14:56 <Peppernrino> some of the same people working on grid computing center or whatever (old goofyxgrid)...and something else

14:56 <Peppernrino> i forget

15:00 <Peppernrino> i was actually thinking it might be a good idea to let the devs know in the BOINC newsletter

15:00 <Peppernrino> you can blame Erkan_Yilmaz if you want

15:00 <nicolas17> let them know what?

15:01 <Peppernrino> that ddos mitigation might be of concern

15:01 <Peppernrino> the times they are a changin

15:01 <nicolas17> how is it more of a concern for boinc projects than for... anything else?

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15:01 <Erkan_Yilmaz> you mean that money is the motivation for DDOSing ?

15:01 <Peppernrino> well, this science. it's valuable.

15:02 <nicolas17> it's valuable for it to exist

15:02 <nicolas17> how is it valuable to attack it?

15:02 <Peppernrino> it's not

15:02 <Peppernrino> peole are just shit lol

15:02 <nicolas17> then why would someone DDoS it?

15:02 <Peppernrino> ^

15:02 <Peppernrino> cuz they can

15:02 <Peppernrino> cuz you're not protected

15:02 <nicolas17> they could DDoS too

15:02 <Erkan_Yilmaz> Gridcoin has a whitelist which consists currently of 25 BOINC projects

15:02 <Peppernrino> to try and sell you protection...

15:03 <Peppernrino> all types of reasons

15:03 <Erkan_Yilmaz> for which BOINC users there can get a reward, a monetary incentice

15:03 <nicolas17> warn every single open source project with a website because someone could DoS them and they are not protected :P

15:03 <Erkan_Yilmaz> and the rest is in the article above

15:03 <Erkan_Yilmaz> also in:

15:03 <nicolas17> I saw no article, I saw a bunch of chat logs

15:04 <Peppernrino> some admins don't even know what it is. they jsut followed enough instructions to set up the site

15:04 <Erkan_Yilmaz>

15:04 <nicolas17> Peppernrino: yeah just like 99% of self-installed mediawiki and wordpress websites

15:04 <Erkan_Yilmaz> how the BOINC flaws open doors for cheating

15:04 <nicolas17> so? :P

15:04 <Erkan_Yilmaz> of course only relevant when someone wants money

15:04 <Peppernrino> alright. :)

15:04 <Erkan_Yilmaz> there are many BOINC users doing BOINCing for free

15:05 <nicolas17> "cheating by admins themselves, hacking possibility, cheating by users"

15:05 <nicolas17> yep

15:05 <Peppernrino> i'm just gonna buy protection for you guys and not tell anybody

15:05 <Peppernrino> :D

15:05 <nicolas17> nobody claimed credits were supposed to be reliable enough to give money based on them, gridcoin assumed they were

15:05 <Erkan_Yilmaz> nah, everyone knows it#s shit

15:05 <nicolas17> so yes, admins could give themselves credits, but I don't think that's a flaw in BOINC

15:05 <Erkan_Yilmaz> it's just not "told"

15:06 <nicolas17> it's obvious admins could give themselves credits, they just have no reason to do so because credits are just imaginary internet points to show how much you contributed... *until* gridcoin came along

15:10 <nicolas17> this is like someone making a coin based on an online game's score, and then claiming the game is flawed because users can cheat the game and the owners of the game can give themselves points

15:16 <Peppernrino> yep

15:16 <Peppernrino> stll BOINC isn't done being developed.

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