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00:34 <newell> I just installed boinc on 16.04 ubuntu and it is just sitting at "Receiving current status" doesn't seem to be doing much else?  Any ubuntu users here who have been through the hoops?

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04:21 <Satanized> an article on Habitable Radius for you SETI folks if anyone's interested:

04:38 <Peppernrino> i think SETI should be searching for encrypted data clouds

04:38 <Peppernrino> or wherever people think our technology will end up

04:54 <Satanized> I thik SETI should be closed since it's never found anything and never will.

04:55 <Satanized> Unless of course it's a secret military project and SETI@Home users are crunching military data without knowing it.

05:04 <Peppernrino> SETI is the original BOINC project. i think it will stay until we find aliens or die.

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06:18 <Satanized> Peppernrino, these money would be better put elsewhere...

06:46 <desti> drugs

07:15 <Satanized> and wenches

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09:37 <Peppernrino> i don't know that it's so much the money... the radio telescopes are already built...

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09:49 <thecryptojew> question, how do I remove projects from BOINC? they are attatched via so I figured id remove them from there too. But when I go back into BOINC and sync it says the project I removed are missing and I need to read them. The remove button in BOINC is shaded out so I cant use it

09:49 <nicolas17> grcpool is an "account manager"?

09:50 <thecryptojew> yes

09:50 <nicolas17> then yes, you have to remove it on the account manager website

09:51 <thecryptojew> after doing so it is still on my BOINC

09:51 <nicolas17> then that sounds like a grcpool problem/question :(

09:52 <thecryptojew> damn alright. when you go on BOINC and click a project in advanced view, does it give you the option to click remove?

09:52 <nicolas17> no, if you're connected to an account manager you can't detach projects manually

09:53 <thecryptojew> ahh got it. thanks. ill checkout #gridcoin then thanks

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15:01 <Romulus> New news from boinc: BOINC Workshop 2017 ~~ Welcome Xansons4COD ~~ BOINC Monitor 9.70 released ~~ NSF funds new model for BOINC

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16:02 <O1O1O1O> Anyone having issues with World Community Grid uploads this last day?

16:14 <Gunde> yes

16:20 <O1O1O1O> Thanks - glad it's not just me.  I saw messages last night that their disk filled, now they are just hanging and retrying.  Nothing about it posted on their website news - unless they have other channels of communication.

16:25 <O1O1O1O> Okay, I found more news in this forum via their Twitter feed.,40180_offset,40

16:25 <Romulus> Title: World Community Grid - View Thread - Scheduled Maint. July 18, 14:00 UTC, Extended? (at

16:25 <nicolas17> lol disk filled

16:27 <O1O1O1O> Their storage cluster was upgraded and lost a cluster member which went into repair mode unexpectedly.  Sounds like a giant RAID array recovery to me or as someone else in the thread called it "a clusterf**k"

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